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STORYquest is a deeply exploratory writer’s WORKbook for anyone seeking an in-depth writing practice or an exploratory guide to create a compelling, longer story.

You will explore all 12 stages of the Hero’s Journey through intensive, focused STORYlabs – from the moment the journey is refused to finally accepting it, and all the initiations, challenges & discoveries along the way.

Weaving together these crucial stages are essential to your compelling storytelling and Laura Lentz helps you easily navigate what may feel like a complex undertaking.

For memoir, fiction or poetry, Laura offers us wisdom and guidance, followed by heart-opening writing prompts meant to be completed in short, timed writing bursts.

STORYquest is a powerful and inspiring exploration into your unique story, leading you to create with the essential wisdom of a Hero.

An Entire Laura Lentz

12-week WORKshop

in book format

Every Hero’s Journey STORYlab Includes:

• CONCISE Educational Summary

• LITERARY Examples for Inspiration

• CREATE YOUR STORY Writing Exercises (68 in all)

For All Authors, Writers & Poets

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Table of Contents

How to Use the STORYquest WORKbook vii
STORYlab1 — the WORLD of BEFORE 1
STORYlab11 — RETURNING with the MAGIC 153
STORYlab12 — MASTERY of the TWO WORLDS 167
STORYlab2 — the CALL to ADVENTURE 19
STORYlab3 — REFUSAL of the CALL 33
STORYlab4 — the WISDOM of the GUIDE 45
STORYlab5 — JUMPING into the PORTAL 63
STORYlab6 — TRIALS in the NEW WORLD 77


Education + Inspiration + Creating = Your Story

Textbooks put people to sleep – even me, an avid reader. Books on theory don’t help us understand how it applies to YOUR story. And yet, learning is essential to your growth as a writer.

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This WORKbook takes each stage of the Hero’s Journey and briefly, in summary form, breaks it down – simply, in a few pages, in a way that you can easily understand and absorb.


Inspiration Helps Us Write

Then, I offer literary inspiration – I SHOW you the stage through a number of best selling books I have carefully chosen for you to refer to throughout the WORKbook, so you can be inspired by small sections out of literature before you apply this stage to your own story.

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In each STORYlab, there is poetry that speaks to this part of the Hero’s Journey as further inspiration – poetry I have gathered over the years from my favorite poets, including:

  • William Cavafy
  • Constance Frenzen
  • C. Dale Young
  • Wendi Romero
  • Cathy Linh Che
  • Kamand Kojouri
  • Abigail Deutsch
  • Ellen Bass
  • & Many More

Create Your Story

Before you write, I invite you through a minimum of six writing exercises, to explore each stage of the Hero’s Journey through timed writing exercises that creatively open you to help draw out this stage of your story.


By following this formula, your book will be created, and you will be certain you have not missed a stage that could lead to an exciting, page turning book.

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Why the Hero’s Journey

Matters in Literature

For many years I have taught writing workshops and been a developmental editor. I have also studied Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler extensively.


And what I have learned and taught to hundreds of students in my 12-week writing workshop is this: The Hero’s Journey matters – and it doesn’t just apply to movies.

The Hero’s Journey is not an exact formula.

It’s critical in all storytelling – memoir, fiction & poetry.

Don’t Miss A Critical Stage

When Creating Your Book

There isn’t an exact formula to storytelling, and not every story is the same. But there are important stages to consider when creating your book that will make your story unfold in a way that captures the reader.


Creatively exploring these stages will help you reach your goal of finishing your book in a way that will resonate for your audience.


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Meet Laura Lentz

An internationally respected author, creative coach and writing teacher, Laura Lentz has been teaching themed writing workshops for over ten years for writers, authors and business owners.  Her popular twelve-week workshop, STORYquest, Make Your Story a Hero’s Journey was inspired by her ten years of teaching and developmental editing.  Laura is the co-founder of LITerati Academy and the STORYquest community.  She has worked with countless storytellers and writers. Through STORYquest, Laura distills the Hero’s Journey to guide us to bring our own transformative stories to life on the page.

Laura works directly with publishers, authors and agents who often makes guest appearances in her workshops on behalf of her students.


Laura Lentz’s popular and intensive 12 week writing WORKshop is now available as 12 self-paced STORYlabs for you to experience first-hand how the Hero’s Journey will make YOUR STORY even more compelling and remarkable.

Pre-Order your STORYquest WORKbook now and be one of the first get started on making these tools work for you.

Every STORYlab includes:

•   CONCISE Educational Summaries

•   LITERARY Examples for Each Stage

•   CREATE YOUR STORY exercises (68 total)


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