STORYquest is an extensive, interactive Class-in-a-Workbook, an invitation for writers to explore the critical stages of storytelling through examples from modern literature and poetry. Laura Lentz, popular writing workshop teacher, breaks down the Hero’s Journey for storytellers, book writers and poets. Theories once steeped in mythology and film are now available for all writers.

STORYQuest is for writers who want a daily writing practice as well as writers that want to thread their many stories together for a complete book.

Laura slows us down, breaks down the stages of the journey in easy to understand formats, then shows us examples through modern literature, memoir and poetry – and her own heart opening essays.

Never before has the Quest of Story been brought so intimately to writers.

Never before has anyone written such a bold invitation to write your story.

All of the stages of our stories –  the World of Before, the Obstacles in our way and Hitting Rock Bottom lead the writer and the reader into the long journey home to self. Every stage matters– the angels you meet along the way matter as much as the enemies, who turn out to be some of our greatest teachers.  The Call to Adventure matters as much as all the time we spend Refusing the Call.

Laura breaks it down for us with warmth, wisdom and guidance, to help us tap into our deepest stories that will become a life raft for writers and readers everywhere.

STORYquest is a powerful and inspiring exploration into your unique story,
leading you to create with the essential wisdom of a Hero.

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Inside the STORYQuest workbook, writers will explore:


Before  •  The Call to Growth  •  Refusal of the Call  •  Mentors and Angels  •  Jumping into the Portal
Put to the Test  •  Rock Bottom  •  Celebrations  •  Trouble Again  •  Rebirth
Bringing the Magic Home 


Education + Inspiration + Creating = Your Story


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NANCY ARONIE  | Author of Writing from the Heart

“A contemporary answer for morning pages.”

“Storyquest offers writers a workbook to help create compelling stories following the Hero’s Journey without tripping over theory. Anyone who dives into the workbook will never complain of writer’s block again. Laura takes you on a magical mystery tour, opens the door so your best stories can come through and creates new meaning for the word Practice. A contemporary answer for morning pages.”

CONSTANCE FRENZEN  | The Voice of Poetry

“A brilliant guide.”

“Laura is a master at inspiring writers to realize their greatest potential. Her workbook is a compilation of her knowledge and skill as both writer and teacher – a brilliant guide to make your poem, prose, short story or book come alive. For both advanced and beginning writers, it contains the heart and soul of her invaluable knowledge.”