The anticipated workbook by Laura Lentz

Based on her popular writing workshop: Breaking into the Hero’s Journey

Soon to be Released – Early 2020


STORYQUEST, the Writer, the Hero, the Journey is an extensive, interactive class in a workbook format to invite writers into the twelve critical stages of storytelling through deep writing exercises and examples out of literature.

Stories are as old as cave drawings and as new as a story inside of you burning to find the page. Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler have written extensively about the Hero’s Journey and the critical stages of storytelling to make a story come alive.

All of story – the Big Event, the Obstacles and hitting Rock Bottom that leads to the long journey home to self – all of those stages matter, including the angels and mentors we meet along the way.

For writers working on memoir, fiction or poetry, Laura offers us wisdom and guidance, followed by heart-opening writing prompts meant to be completed in short, timed writing bursts.

STORYquest is a powerful and inspiring exploration into your unique story,
leading you to create with the essential wisdom of a Hero.

In-Depth Workbook Tour

Inside the STORYQuest workbook, writers will explore:


The World of Before – The Call to Adventure  •  Refusal of the Call  •  The Wisdom of Angels and Mentors  •  Jumping into the Portal  • Trials in the New World  • Rock Bottom  •  Resurrection & Revival  • Trouble Again  •  The Two Worlds  • Accolades & Honors  • Returning with the Magic


Education + Inspiration + Creating = Your Story


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“Storyquest offers writers a workbook to help create compelling stories following the Hero’s Journey without tripping over theory. Anyone who dives into the workbook will never complain of writer’s block again. Laura takes you on a magical mystery tour, opens the door so your best stories can come through and creates new meaning for the word Practice. A contemporary answer for morning pages.”


— NANCY ARONIE, Author of Writing from the Heart